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At Environmental Septic LLC, we provide the complete range of lift station services for commercial properties and large residential properties in Loganville, Georgia. We have years of experience providing perfectly engineered septic lift stations to complement all types and sizes of septic systems. Call us today to discuss your needs today.

What Is a Lift Station?

Without going too deep into the technicalities, a lift station is a piece of equipment that pushes sewage from a property through the septic system. They are useful when natural gravity cannot push waste from your property down to the drain field.

The submersible pumps are the most cost-effective option. They work quietly underground, pushing sewage upward throughout the day. The dry well septic lift stations are the alternative, although they are costlier to maintain overall.

Septic Lift Station

Our Lift Station Installation and Replacement Service

At Environmental Septic LLC, our highly experienced team can install all kinds of septic lift stations. We can install pre-engineered pumps and custom-designed options. We complete a detailed septic inspection to decide the perfect option for your property.

We can also install replacement systems. Whether you need an exact match replacement system or a more efficient unit, our technicians will deliver.

Fast and Efficient Septic Lift Station Repairs When You Need It

Our technicians understand how lift stations work inside and out. We can repair damage to all types of lift station systems. We can fix leaks within the system, flow rate trouble, electrical issues, and more. 

We are especially adept at fixing lift station pump systems when they fail. Reach out to our team when you notice the signs of lift station trouble, such as slow drains, sewage backup, strong sewage odors in areas with plumbing fixtures, etc.

Find the perfect lift station for your property or order repairs for the existing unit

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