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Septic installation projects go beyond laying pipework across a landscape. It’s a highly complex process you can’t afford to leave in the hands of an inexperienced contractor.

Are you considering installing a new septic system for your residential or commercial property?

Contact our team at Environmental Septic LLC. We are the top choice for septic installations in Loganville, Georgia. We can take on every step of the septic installation process, from the percolation tests phase to completion.

Do you need to replace an existing system? Our technicians can also complete remodels and tank replacements. Call us today to schedule a consultation.

Our Process for Septic Installations

Every septic installation project has two main phases:

System Design

During this phase, our design engineer will prepare the plan for the project. It will cover everything, including the drain field layout, the trench size, the septic tank size, and more. The design will be part of the documentation to submit for permit approvals.


After securing permits, we’ll begin the installation phase. We’ll follow the layout of the design and ensure the right elevation.

 After the excavation, we’ll install a septic tank (concrete and plastic), chambers for the drain field, and more. We also complete all necessary tests, which include pressure, vacuum, and leak testing.  

Finally, we’ll backfill the excavation only after we’re satisfied with the results.

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How Much Does Septic Tank Installation Cost?

The cost of your septic tank installation depends on the choice of septic tank materials, the tank size, the size of the drain field, and more. You will receive a comprehensive estimate before we begin the project.

Get Your Dependable Septic System Today

At Environmental Septic LLC, we have perfected the art of creating long-lasting septic systems that stand the test of time. Some of our installations can last 30 years or more!

Hand over the entire process of installing or replacing your septic system to our team.

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