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Your septic system has several different components. The drain field (or leach field) is one of the most important. This is where the liquid waste enters for purification to prevent contamination of underground water aquifers.

However, not every type of soil can support a drain field. At Environmental Septic LLC, our drain fields and soil tests ensure you have the perfect foundation for a stable, fully functional septic system. Call us today to schedule your consultation.

What You Should Know About Our Comprehensive Soil Testing Services

When you’re looking for quality, error-free soil testing for septic systems in Loganville, Georgia, turn to our expert team at Environmental Septic LLC.  

Our drain fields and soil tests can help determine your soil’s circulation rate, how fast it absorbs water, and more. During the soil testing, we can complete all major evaluations, including the seasonal high water table and percolation test.

We can also test all major soil types. Find out if the soil around your proposed septic system can absorb liquid or cause it to back up by scheduling a soil-testing service.

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High-Quality Drain Fields for Efficient Wastewater Treatment

Septic drain fields are the final stop for wastewater in every type of septic system. Any problems with the drain field may introduce contaminants and impurities to the underground water. Closer to your property, drain field problems can cause sewage backflow. Your tank may also require more frequent pumping.

At Environmental Septic LLC, we can design and install drain fields for all sizes of septic systems. We can also evaluate existing fields for efficiency, completing repairs where necessary or recommending a deeper makeover.

When you hire our team for drain field installation or repair, you can be certain that we’ll adhere to all local regulations.

Avoid Sewer Backups and Wider Septic System Damage

Whether you’re looking to build a new septic system or replace your current setup, you need to start off on the right footing and ensure you adhere to all local guidelines in Loganville, Georgia.

Give your septic system the perfect foundation

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