How long do septic systems last?

They are designed to last 40-50 years!

How do I locate my septic system?

No need to locate yourself, leave that up to your Septic Technician.

How do I learn about my property's septic system?

Planning on adding an addition to the property such has a deck, landscaping,driveway ? Or even a swimming pool? Please let one of our experienced Techs come out and mark your septic tank and drainfield lines before beginning work.

What happens when a septic system fails? How can I tell?

There are a couple of signs, slow flushing toilets or bubbling in toilets, shower drains slow. If there is a wet spot in the yard its called Bleed up.

How can I prevent a septic failure?

Have your septic tanks pumped and maintained regularly.

Is there financial help available for failing systems or repairs?

We currently do not offer in house financial help. Please contact your bank about a home improvement loan.

What shouldn't I flush?

baby wipes,dude wipes, flushable wipes. feminine hygiene products. Cigurates

Should I be careful of what I pour down the drain?

cooking grease!!!

Can you tell if the tank needs pumping without digging it up?


How often should I have the tank pumped?

The State of Georgia recommends every 3-5 years. However if you have a house full of family may want to take precaution and have it pumped soomer

How much will it cost to have it pumped?

Give us a call for a price over the phone.

Do I have to be home during the service?

We would love to meet you and show you your tank.